24 Hours at NEMA

This past weekend I was invited by the lovely folks over at NEMA to enjoy 24 hours living in luxury. NEMA is a 754-unit luxury residential apartment complex in the Mid-Market neighborhood of San Francisco, California. Their complex comes equipped with a beautiful and massive fitness center, heated saline lap pool, a Skyline Terrace and absolutely stunning views of the gorgeous surrounding city.  

While I was there I also had the opportunity to explore some of the properties emanates as well as check out some really amazing neighboring favorites such as Blue BottleThe Market, Alta CA, , and Mr. Tipple's Recording Studio

A few recommendations from my these spots are:

  • Everything at Blue Bottle is delicious, my personal fave is the Soy Latté
  • The Market is a beautiful grocery store, and the ham and cheese croissant I had for breakfast there was pure butter flakey deliciousness
  •   YOU HAVE TO TRY THE STEAK AT ALTA CA!!! It might be high on the price scale, but I'm telling you it will change your life. SO MUCH YUMMMM
  • The fried brussel sprouts at Alta CA are also amazing! If I'm not mistaken, they are toped with crack (not actually, but whatever their secret seasoning is that they put on those brussels, oooh honey! too good) 
  • Mr. Tipple's Recording Studio has both fantastic live Jazz and super great cocktails. If you are feeling like a post dinner drink with some lovely ambiance I would absolutely check this place out. 

Here is a list of the top five reasons why you should #LIVENEMA, oh and did I mention that there are section eight units available for as low as $900 pcm! Huzzahh! 

1. 7,000-square-foot fitness center with an innovative Functional Training center by Jay Wright and a 1,500-square-foot light-infused Energy Solarium 

2. Contemporary Club Solarium designed with eco-friendly furnishings surrounding a communal fireplace

3. 3rd floor Urban Terrace with a refreshing 60-foot heated saline lap pool, a cozy communal fire pit, and barefoot-friendly landscaping

4. 11th floor Backyard Terrace with BBQ grills and outdoor TVs and 24th floor Skyline Terrace with outdoor heating and seating

5. High-tech lifestyle amenities, including digital touch screens, destination-entry elevators, Wi-Fi and music in all amenity spaces, and a digital antenna for cell phone coverage

Huge thank you to everyone who made my time at NEMA so special and special thanks to Jansen Oblena for taking such good care of us!

Blog Feature || Design *Sponge

Im so excited to share that my work and studio have been featured in Design *Sponge! In it you will find beautiful images of my space taken by my brilliant boyfriend and photographer Sam Hylton. It also features some of my design work for Weft + Hide. To read about how I transformed my garage into a working studio space, and a bit about the sentimental elements that fill it check out the link on Design *Sponge's website! http://www.designsponge.com/2015/11/studio-tour-emma-fineman.html 

Here is a selection of images from the feature:

HP x 360 #BendTheRules || A Collaboration with Sam Hylton and Christine Lloyd in Iceland

Hi readers!

I have some exciting new updates about some really great projects that I have been working on. Firstly, I am in Iceland…huzzah! I am actually here as an artist in resident at the Gullkistan Artist Residency in Laugarvatn Iceland. While I am here I am working on a super rad collaboration with Sam Hylton and Christine Lloyd, which involves photography, painting, and video.

Recently we were asked by HP to come up with our most interesting and unexpected collaboration we have ever done inspired by their new HPx360 Behind The Scenes videohttp://hp.nu/MXDns)

While watching the video I was really moved by the way so many artists from entirely different backgrounds, working in all forms of media, were able to come together utilizing the best elements of their talents to create a stellar video. This idea of collaboration encouraged me to “bend the rules” of my normal painting and photo practice, to bridge the gap between these two media, and to partner these efforts with two really fantastic artists.

I have worked on group projects with Sam and Christine separately in the past, but never quite like this, never as one group. I have loved the process of learning from their talents, seeing the way that Sam evaluates an image with a photographers eye, the way Christine creates from a place of inspiration and total vision of an idea, eager to make that dream into a reality. For me, I evaluate an image from the perspective of color, I think about how elements in a composition with play with each other based on the colors present in the scene.

Below are some of the images from the photo portion of our project:

All Images are subject to copy write and are a product of Sam Hylton, Christine Lloyd, and Emma Fineman. Copyright © Emma Fineman 2015 All Rights Reserved

 I couldn't be more pleased with the work we have done on the project so far. Stay tuned for more shots, and to see the next steps, where I will be using our photos as reference for a body of painting works, which I will be making in the final weeks of my residency here in Iceland. 

 Also check out #BendTheRules on twitter and instagram to see more shweet collabs from HP's project.



Daniel Wellington || Ice cream shoot

The lovely Swedish watch company Daniel Wellington has kindly sent me two of their beautiful and classic watches. I did a coffee shop shoot with the first watch, which can be seen in the portfolio section of my site. More recently, I also did second shoot with Sam Hylton as the photographer, featuring the watch while on one of our outings to my favorite local ice-cream shop in the Bay Area called ici. Here are the beautiful images Sammy shot showcasing our awesome new watches!

Photos taken by Sam Hylton

MPK20 at Facebook HQ

I'm very excited to share that I was invited by Facebook to be one of the very first to view its new MPK20 building. Myself along with nine other Bay Area instagramers and six Facebook employees were taken around the brand new addition to Facebook's headquarters and were asked to document the building providing the world with a first look at the new space.

here are some of the images I captured while onsite at FBHQ:

Fun Facts About the New Building:


  • FB worked with 15 artists on the new artwork in the building
  • Every piece was created onsite and is meant to speak abstractly to what FB does—many of the pieces are a nod to connections, community, networks and systems
  • Sculpture (tree stumps) on the roof is called “Camp Out” by Evan Shively

Green Roof

  • 9 acres, with a half-mile walking loop 
  • Features 400 trees and many shrubs that are native and climate appropriate—everything is representative of species native to California
  • The roof provides an insulating effect that absorbs heat (allowing us to reduce our heating and cooling costs), is designed to cut down on runoff, and will also serve as a haven for local and native birds 

General Stats

  • Capacity: approximately 2,800 people
  • Square footage: 430,000+ sq. feet
  • Number of buildings: 1
  • Partners:
    • Architect: Gehry Partners
    • Landscape Architect (green roof): CMG Landscape Architecture
    • Contractor: Level 10 Construction

Community Instagramers Invited For The First Look:












Facebook Employees Also In Attendance: 








For more shots of the space check out the hashtag #MPK20FirstLook and #MPK20 on instagram.

Color Shoot || of Chloe Fineman with Sam Hylton

Yesterday I had an awesome time running around San Francisco's Sunset District while snagging shots of my sister Chloe Fineman. For the shoot I also had the great pleasure of working alongside Sam Hylton capturing images of Chloe together. For this shoot Sam and I wanted to attain the same vibrant energy that we created in a previous "Color Shoot". Chloe is a phenomenal actress, comedian, and a killer model (as you can see from the photos ;). I'm very excited about showcasing San Francisco's brighter side as opposed to the more muted tones I usually gravitate towards. Overall, it was a super fun day and I am very pleased with what we achieved. Stay tuned for more images like these in the Weft and Hide sumer line launch coming soon! Here are some of the shots I got of Chloe:

Feels Like Home || Exhibition Shoot with Heather Day

Another Mica alum Heather Day, asked me to come by and snag some shots of her during the installation process of her recent exhibition entitled "Feels Like Home." The Show is taking place at The Sub, a gallery and exhibition space run by Alex Embers located San Francisco's vibrant Mission District. When I got the message, I was quick to say yes, as working with Heather is never a disappointing experience. I always love getting a behind the scenes look at some of the many exciting projects that she is always working on, and this one was no different. While in the space with Heather I got the chance to pick her brain a bit about the show and the works featured in it.

My first question for Heather was where the title "Feels Like Home" came from. She informed that The Sub also functions as a residential space, and that while installing the show Heather was keenly aware that she was putting her work in someone else's home. Another reason for the name comes for the work itself. Heather explained to me that beyond her interest in creating a language of mark and color, many of her works are also inspired by interactions and conversations that she has shared, which intern influence the works personal/ homelike feel. 

I was also very excited to see that for this show Heather had challenged herself to work outside of the two dimensional perimeters that she had previously been working in. She utilized the beautiful space with its' flooding natural light and high ceilings to create an eye-catching mural installation. Her artistic vision translates quite seamlessly onto the alternative surface of the buildings architecture. As is true for her two dimensional work, there are always rich points of interest that slowly reveal themselves the longer you look, such as bright pops of neon tucked behind moldings and small linear details depicted on the walls. It was quite enjoyable to watch as the installation unfolded and I am greatly looking forward to her next big project, which I'm sure is already in the making. 

For more on Heather and to see some of her lovely work check out her site:


Bellow are the images I captured during our time together. 


Color Shoot || with Sam Hylton

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with my boyfriend on a theme idea that I'm working on for the catalogue shoot of the Weft + Hide Summer 2015 line. The plan is to do a super vibrant color blocked, architectural shoot featuring the W+H clothing, so we headed out to the streets of San Francisco's Sunset district to scout locations and take mood board shots. I'm super excited by how they turned out and can't wait for the final product shoot once the clothes get here! Huge thank you to Sammy for taking this stellar shots. For more of his work check out his site: www.samhylton.com

and to see more form Weft + Hide check out our bring spankin' new site: www.weftandhide.com

Sheets || A collaboration with Sam Hylton, and Christine Lloyd

I have been working on an on going collaborative project with my boyfriend Sam Hylton and have recently opened it up to working with some other photographer friends of mine including Christine Lloyd. The overall concept for this project has been to create narrative source material for a series of paintings that I am working on, utilizing everyday objects as a way of distorting plans of space in any given image giving them a more abstract quality. So far I have used milk, flour, charcoal, and now sheets along with the help of my very talented friends to produce these images. Here are some of the shots that we have captured:

Weft + Hide

So I couldn't be more happy to announce that I have been working my little booty off on a new clothing line! It's called Weft + Hide and I will be working with the company Print All Over Me to produce it. They have invited me to be one of their collaborative designers and will feature my line as a part of their 2015 summer launch. Yay!!

here is a link to the company website:


here is a link to all of my designs on the POAM site where they are currently available for order:


Blog Feature! || Snapwire

I was featured on the company Snapwire's blog the other day and I'm super excited about it. I was the first of a new series that the company is doing where they feature some of the photographers using their new and innovative photo sharing/ requesting/ selling app. I have been using the app since it was in beta, and am really excited to be the first person they looked to for this series. For my answers to their questions and some sample images of my work check it out!


Shibori Workshop || Handcraft Studio School

About a week ago I signed up for a Shibori class taught yesterday by Jenny Fong at the Handcraft Studio School in Emeryville, CA. I had been wanting to take both an indigo class as well as a shibori techniques class for ages and was super excited when I saw the workshop being offered ten minutes from my house. 

Shibori is the ancient Japanese art form of using various resist processes such as clamping and tying to create beautiful patterns when dying fabric with indigo. In the class we learned about the differences in fabrics that can be used with indigo and shibori, and how those differences effect both the color and patterns that you are able to create. Jenny designed in NYC after attending Parsons and has since moved back to the bay area where she is from originally. Her passion for shibori was easily felt and I greatly enjoyed learning some of the amazing techniques that she has mastered over the years. 

For more of Jenny's work check out her site and instagram:

 www.reluxia.com or @reluxia

Jenny Fong

Jenny Fong

and for more on the Handcraft Studio School, and to see what other awesome workshops they are hosting, check out their site:


Marie Muscardini founder of Handcraft Studio School 

Marie Muscardini founder of Handcraft Studio School 

 Here are some shots I took during the awesome workshop